Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Real Surreal


Is an interesting concept. The realisation and focus on the fact that reality is created only by our perception. The second that something fades from the acme of our attention it effectively fails to exist, until, from somewhere it rises to the surface again. Where has it come from and where does it go to?

sometimes (: ) ) my life in England seems like that. Who I am here. And who I am in the minds of other people, who really exist only in my mind, and in the more tangible sense, at the moment, exist mainly in my mind (physically resident at the nadir of possible contact).

Sometimes, concentration is a good thing. And at other times getting too close, too attentive to something makes it like ginger cordial concentrate - overpowering at best and in need of plentiful dilution in order to taste and appreciate the concealed delicousness.

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the other sensual pleasures

the chalice of the coffee cup

the kiss of air on skin

the nugget of walnut in raisin bread

the two ends that join a moment of connection

that feeling, behind the thought of a friend

immediate anticipation

movement through negative space

a swagger

blood rising to the skin, the result of invisible processes

perception of the fishing net of reality

watching the chicken dance of overcoat assumption

words. little mothers

slow. full. intense. perception.

Explication on application