Saturday, October 14, 2006

London in Limbo

It's supposed to be getting yukky here (weather wise). And we keep expecting something along the lines of . . .

instead of which it is park weather.

Park and Scrabble weather. That is where I'm headed tomorrow to geek it up bigtime. Yay!

Escapades of late have included a camping jaunt to the isle of wight, staying in a camping ground that made the shortlist for being the hi de hi camp ground (in my mind anyway) complete and replete with giant denim suited mascot Humphray Bear and Saturday night chanteuse Johnny Beau Geste (who Ferg and I couldn't resist cutting some moves to on tha floor). During this weekend away Ferg and I did our best to win people over to the charms of the lemonheads by fashioning (MacGuyver style) a speaker out of an offcast whiskey bottle tube with which to project the lemonheads classic the outdoor type. The following week we had only managed to convince Ollie and Watson to accompany us on our pilgrimage to the Forum to witness Evan in his latter day (continuing) glory. My phone camera made a tiny blurry speck of him so please enjoy "arty" blurry shots of another feature of the evening - the lighting . . .

Also, strange creatures have been sprouting up around the land. Fashion conscious denim-fetishist trees and cutesy confection have been contesting with Bansky in drag attempting to sweep all the controversy and weirdness (weirdly) under the brickwall.

And on the romanticness front Imery and I just celebrated our 7th year together with a trip to the only hungarian restaurant in the UK which has been going since the 50s and retains a total homespun charm while serving delicies like wild cherry soup and venison goulash. Yay and yumtastic.

Adios : )