Wednesday, June 04, 2008

little and often

. . . the way to change a hard to change habit, by making a new habit. Start out easily and let it grow, pressureless.

I used to love guitar music of the early-mid 90s, lyrics too, the whole made me think. Now I listen to so much electronic music and I really miss words from another conception in correspondence with mine.

Here's a definition I read recently and liked (I should say that I am failessly impressed whenever I stumble accross a word to sum up an entire concept):

Treating the facts of history systematically, in their connection with each other as cause and effect, and with reference to their practical lessons rather than to their circumstantial details.

Something I think we could benefit from keeping somewhere quite prevalent in the frontal lobes in reference to our personal histories as well as collective histories.

The place I read this was a collection of notes for a course I'm taking and it didn't give a citation. Damn, I'd like to read more.


Tuesday, June 03, 2008

follow your bliss

i made a resolution to write but at the moment I am a sinkhole for ideas but not so much a generator for them it seems. Am filling my internal spaces with the ruminations, wisdoms and resonances without words of Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung.

My desire a moment is to find that fertile emanation from something else in this world to fall upon this lovingly prepared and long quiet earth within me.

: ) Love to and of this world,