Friday, May 02, 2008

A life made of these

A phrase that came into my mind on the beach, place of much marvel and herewith finally takes form.


"When the going gets tough, the average get conservative"
Henry Rollins.

Went to see the heavily tattooed highness of hyperactivity in Wellington. Three non-stop hours of manic storytelling, sound effects, laughter and sincerity; stupendous. : )

Phrases from the legal cases i've been editing:
"legislative nihilism", "instinctive synthesis", "constellation of circumstances", "impenetrable forest of detail concealing the timber of the matter", and "mechanic verisimilitude "


Hula hooping
Private tutelage from the high priestess of pink velour:

I did this one (very spazzily) first try on the weekend and surprised myself, still waiting to surprise myself with a second successful attempt. ; )

"Why Moms can't do yoga"


Kohlrabi, my food fad du jour, is one of those things where you just have to look past appearances: despite its "Sputnik-like shape". . . "it's not an alien honestly" and literal meaning (it sexily translates as "cabbage-turnip") and allow your sense of intrigue to make you take a bite. It is crunchy-good and mild sweet and tasty, try him today . . . . : )